48 Year Old Champion and Yes PWI 500 is a Joke: The RCWR Show 9-5-2019

9/5/2019: Hosted by Lee Sanders. ===Key points from RAW and SMACKDOWN as the KING OF THE RING tournament draws to an end===Lee is once again very complementary of WWE programming the past few weeks===Is Bayley going heel or what===Lee doubles down on Chris Jericho being made AEW’s first World champion and if it’s good or bad===AEW presents FULL GEAR in Baltimore, MD on November 9th===STARRCAST IV is coming November 7th to November 10th===Is Lee going to STARRCAST IV?===Ric Flair files trademark for “THE MAN”===PWI 500 names Seth Rollins it’s no.1 wrestler this year and some people are pissed===An NXT star is possibly done with WWE===Tessa Blanchard has Vampiro walking back on social media comments he made about her===Lee’s advice to those on social media: Don’t post something you know you wouldn’t say in person===IMPACT WRESTLING news===HEADLINES and MORE!!! RUNNING TIME 2 HOURS 25 MINUTES COVERING THE LATEST IN WRESTLING, ENTERTAINMENT, POP CULTURE NEWS AND BEYOND SINCE 2011 IT’S THE RCWR SHOW! This episode was made possible by our kind Patreon members as without them this content and other great content would not be possible. Special shout out to Patreon members John Krauser, Justin Rebok, Shawn Kenter, Tony Bing Gaming, Freddy R, Michael Wolf, John Davis, Anthony Missionary Thomas of Wrestling Soup, and Joe Raymond Jr. Catch John Krauser in September at The Second City theater for his BRAIN FREAK LIVE! Show in Chicago! For information check out link below!
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