49. Crisis In The Pokéverse | A ForthHand Crossover with Ronin Geek Official Podcast

With the two Inhumanz trapped inside a simulation of a simulation, The distress call went out through time and space. and was picked up by a most unlikely ally. A being whose quest became to save the show! …Or at least make a cool introduction and then play a crusty old holo-tape that contained what is loosely based on an episode. Recorded before the two got sucked into a digital wormhole. Yes, dear listener, what you see before you is what is known as a CROSSOVER episode! Bladez is joined by fellow ForthHand alum Alex from the Ronin Geek Official Podcast and Jay Silver of the Smack It Down Podcast to geek out on some creepy Pokémon tales. We do hope the idiots return soon. There aren’t any more holo-tapes left to play. I suppose we could just recycle episodes from 2018? Hmm…




Pokémon related Mandela Effect from MandelaEffect

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