RED HERRING GAUNTLET or TENACIOUS (Wrestling Soup 2/22/18)

RED HERRING GAUNTLET or TENACIOUS (Wrestling Soup 2/22/18)

Today Mish and Joey speak about the WWE Hall of Fame entries, the upcoming pay per view Elimination Chamber, and much much more. Make sure to visit the website to leave them a voicemail. Don’t forget to vote for the 2016 -2017 Soupies

How did you feel about the gauntlet match(3:40)? RAW was crushing the ratings for the first hour and one half. Ratings went down 700 thousand after that gauntlet was over. Did Seth Rollins rejuvenate himself through this match competing for over a hour. Os WWE missing the point of why Braun Strowman is over (10:03)? Women are making history right now or should I say herstory (13:34). Dana Brooke complains about the number of men i the elimination chamber vs the number of women in their perspective matches. Are women as over as the men? The wage gap between women and men in wrestling rears its ugly head again. Who brings move value to the company Mandy Rose or Velveteen Dream(20:17)? Jinder Mahal recently did a interview with Sam Roberts saying he is the biggest heel in WWE (28:58). Bobby Roode’s push (32:11). Bray Wyatt is rumored to, according to his wife, not paying his 16 thousand dollar a month child support (36:50). Is Mandy Rose the next one to really get her character over(45:55). Eroctic wreatling stories, yes these are a real thing (50:00). What women do you think women would go gay for? There are still hundreds of floor seats available for wrestlemania (66:04). Jim Ross is also running a show during Wrestlemania weekend. With entry you will get a signed copy of his book, a bottle of BBQ sauce, and a Q and A for $85. Only 100 tickets are available. If you are going please let one of the boys know. Jeff Jarrett will be inducted into the WWE hall of fame (74:55). Elimination Chamber predictions (102:19).

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