A STORYLINE TOO FAR or LIL MONDO (Wrestling Soup 7/5/18)

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The boys start out today talking about Joey trying to kick Coffee. Mish says there is no such thing. Alcohol,packing a dip and selling cigarettes.

What exactly do we do with Bobby Lashley? The boys talk about Bobby Lashley’s Mixed Martial Arts career. Joey does some fantasy booking. Is everything done for Lashley after they booked him with Sami Zayn and Lashley’s sisters segment? How would you book Lashley? Would you give him a manager? Would you let him talk?

Jay Lethal has been accused of sexual misconduct by Taeler Hendrix. Hendrix did this via twitter as she responded to a Jay Lethal fan online who was congratulating him on his recently won second a Ring of Honor Championship. Hendrix claims that Lethal approached her saying that unless she sleeped with him she will be taken off of TV. According to the podcast Generating Heat who has “sources” a second woman came out corroborating the story as she was also approached by Lethal in a similar manner. This second women wished to remain anonymous stating “it was not time for her story to be told and cannot find the words to tell it.” Is this the end of Jay Lethal’s career?

WWE has recently signed 25 new people including Rey Mysterio. Rey is also a preorder bonus for the upcoming WWE 2K19.
Jacob Casper
Chelsea Green
Heidi Alavi
Teral and Terrance Hughes
David Addison
TJ Barns
And More

The Many Rose conundrum is and interesting one to the boys. Do you think she is ready? She could have used some more time in NXT and they really seemed to make a mistake when they paired her with Gold dust during the mixed match challenge.

Hulk Hogan is in personal trouble again. Linda Hogan is demanding the agreed upon 40 percent of all of Hulk Hogan’s assets as agreed upon by the ruling in there divorce. Linda is accusing her ex husband, Hulk Hogan, of financial treachery and hiding assets from her.

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