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CUCKtus Jack / The THT Experience

THT Podcast – CUCKtus Jack / The THT Experience Boxman and Shaheen return yet again to talk: Lana’s video Ronda’s getting knocked up Alex Wolfe and Luke Harper ask for their release from WWE The RAW and SDLive shake-up Mick Foley defends…The Viking Experience GCW Joey Janella’s Spring Break 3 Blackcraft Wrestling Sasha’s crazy tweets…

THT Wrestlemania Go Home Show

THT Podcast – THT Wrestlemania Go Home Show Boxman and Anthony kickoff Wrestlemania week with a packed show. We talk: John Oliver attacks WWE and their business practices RAW SD Live We go over the ROH/NJPW G1 Supercard NXT takeover Wrestlemania prediction And Allie gets killed off of Impact

Dave vs. Paul / THT Ep. 260

THT Podcast – Dave vs. Paul / THT Ep. 260

Anthony, Boxman, and eventually Shaheen talk:

Brie Bella officially retires on Total Bellas…Nikki makes it about herself

Roman Reigns says wrestlers need an off season

Ronda Rousey’s RAW promo

Blurring the lines between fake and real in wrestling

CZW “invasion”

Woman’s Division after Wrestlemania is over

Dave vs. Paul (HHH vs. Batista)

New WWE signings

And of course…much more!

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Freeballin’ / Almighty Bruce

THT Podcast – Freeballin’ / Almighty Bruce Boxman and Shaheen return once again and talk some rasslin’ Wrestlemania going to Tampa WWE mentioning Fake a whole lot Fast Lane Predictions Elias bashes Philadelphia Mustafa Ali returns; what does this mean for Kofi? Samoa Joe wins U.S. title/R-Truth loses it after Black History month. Ronda Rousey…

Roman Reigns & Batista Return

THT Podcast – Roman Reigns & Batista Return THT Podcast returned this week with Adam from The Wrestling Bubble, and we discussed the following topics. Alexa Bliss’ new character. What will Bobby Lashley be doing at Wrestlemania? Lio vs. Bobby Lashley soon? The Shield Reunion. Batista returns & turns heel. Batista vs. Triple H Ric…

AEWWE / Tickets to buy Tickets???

THT Podcast – AEWWE / Tickets to buy Tickets??? AJ Styles to AEW? AEW signing the biggest TV deal since WCW? Was the Canadian Destroyer really Petey Williams invention? Uso’s not renewing their contracts? Should Ambrose get jobbed out until he leaves? Rusev is frustrated with his position Lucha Underground is getting sued by talent…why?…