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Wrestlemania 34 Roundtable Review

THT Podcast – Wrestlemania 34 Roundtable Review Boxman and Shaheen are joined by the Rainmen of Wrestling…and callers, to go over: WWE Hall of Fame RAW SDLive WRESTLEMANIA 34 And Shaheen’s trip to NOLA Check us out on: Wrestling Soup Patreon Mixlr Stitcher Tunein Facebook Twitter iTunes THT Network

Billy Jack Haynes Confessions

THT Podcast – THT Podcast – Billy Jack Haynes Confessions This one is a rather long episode, but it flew by as we just had some fun conversations that involed the following topics: Elimination Chamber Predictions Joey Janela’s Spring Break 2 Promo’s. CZW’s way of marketing. What made the wrestlers of the 80’s, and 90’s…

The 200th Episode

THT Podcast – THT Podcast – The 200th Episode Shaheen & Boxman returned to celebrate the 200th episode featuring a ton of special guests on the show including: Jack E. Jones from In Your Head Radio joining us to revisit our history, and talk about what we hate about wrestling fans. We took calls with…