FAT DAMAGE SOUP or JOE NUMBAS AMA (Wrestling Soup 9/13/18 )


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Joey Numbas

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Jon Draper

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Due to technical difficulties Joey Numbas goes at it solo to continue the wrestling soup legacy

-Hell in a Cell PPV(8:50.)

-Machine Gun Kelly vs Eminem Rap Devil vs Killshot beef (18:49.)

-RIP to Mack Miller who past away this week (34:00.)

– Becky Lynch in those glasses and crushing it on SD live (44:25.)

– New England Patriots winning this past Sunday and their future in the NFL season (46:04.)

– What does Joey think of Rhode Island (52:06.)

– Aaron Rodgers is a bad bad man (54:08.)

– WWE Evolution Pay Per View (57:00.)

– Louis CK doing his return set (75:25.)

– Prostitution (79:39.)

-Backyard wrestling coming back (81:48.)

– Adult film stars (82:42.)

– HBK talk (85:10.)

-Jory’s secret confidence (91:00.)

– Joe answers a flurry of other question from the live chat(94:16.)


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