Thee Goatse and Bobby Anthem – Get In Da Corner 167

Prince BOBBY Albert ANTHEM. Soon to be KING BOBBY of the lizard dick people who took over the planet of Sluropothy when Yuk Nassty left, Bobby digs quarries with his BBC. Bobby actually carved out the Grand Canyon with his BBC. His BBC is about to have it’s own channel on the BBC. Scientists think that Bobby’s BBC might actually be an extinct dinosaur named the BBC-asaurous.

We finally found out why Bobby cut out his eyeball. He could not piss in a straight line, thanks to Prince Albert that prick, so he had to make adjustments, with a spoon

PLUS, Marty Jannetty and his daughter that he can bang now, Bobby’s BBC, Uncle Todd without the tit nose, and some other stuttering retards showed up for Dumbass Feud!

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