Get In Da Corner podcast episode 300 – Happy BirfDay to Us

THANK YOU to everyone that still listens to this, to escape from reality for a few hours, and act like a kid again. We got You! Thank YOU to the 800+ LIVE listeners, i wish I knew wtf is wrong with you.. THANK YOU to everyone that has ever F’d with us! Doggs says you should stop! THANK YOU to everyone that called in, to tell us how we still suck. Gareth Reynolds (Stand Up Comedian, The Dollop podcast) It’s Me Cheech (Prank Calls at it’s finest) The High Marks (The spit or Swallow game was amazing) Evan Hill (love you homo) Nasty Leroy (AEW wrestler) Bobby Anthem (world Renowned BBC mofo) Mish (17 foot Asian from Wresting Soup) Mandy (Aunt Caroline Beaver) Butterfly in NY (mrs Puff Daddy) For real, love you fuckers.. ORDER A FUGGIN SHIRT! Use the promo code PENIS for free shipping! DONATE Live TTS PODCAST  
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