Missssionary Thomas and Glen the Geek – Da Corner 160

THEE Glen from Talking About podcast on Geeks of the Industry network AND THEE 17 footer Misssssssssionary Thomas will forever be known as one of those scum bags since they came In Da Corner. Fuckin A, They are cornerized. We played ‘Can You Name that Slur’ (Glen bombed it) and of course we also did (one of the best) Dumbass Feuds!

Jill Himitsooo, The Science Bitch, with the breaking NEWS! We have finally found Special Batman! He was dressed as a cop and arresting shoplifters at waly world. He was safely delivered back to his mom’s attic.

Have you ever seen a Two headed chick sucking one dick!? >>>>>> http://GetInDaCorner.com !!!!

But yahh, Wtff is wrong with Dogga Baby and Yuk Nassty..
Sludge urine? Human Road Kill organ harvesting? If you Rub your balls with dirty south mud it makes it better?

Thank you Glen and Mish for dealing with the brain damage.. We apologize for the NOTHING. Follow THEM sexy sluts NOW!!!
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Mish – http://WrestlingSoup.com

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