3 Unicorns and the Nothing Forum – Get In Da Corner 162

Da corner podcast will be LIVE at the gathering of the juggs 2017! Sponsored by Russell Simmons and The Gay Jew Underground.

Oh Sh!t, WE HAVE popped another dumbass’ corner cherry?!? NICK from the Nothing Forum, aka The Clomper, got his ass CORNERIZED! BUT he fucks slow ladies and gentlemen!

Yuk was in a slow class during his senor year of high school. Dogger would skip his first hour class to hang out

in Yuk’s der da der class. The teacher made the class hold on to a long piece of yarn while walking to the library….

Nick is the shit! Another perfect dumbass guest for Da Corner. Future classic episode. We look forward to more shows with Nick. Subscribe to his podcast The Nothing Forum and follow his social media boxes!


Do not forget what Mad Mex tells us, “we all shit brown, pee yellow, and cum yellow.”

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