Grim Reefer / A Dark Place

THT Wrestling Podcast – Grim Reefer / A Dark Place

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This week we had on one of New York’s finest “The Grim Reefer”. We discussed the changes to NYC since the hipster take over. We talked about his memories of the masked maniac, Zandig, Fat Frank. We talked about the Elks Lodge, JAPW, ICW & working for CZW. We also discussed the current state of hip hop, training with Homicide at the dog house & Danny Demanto snapping his leg in half. We discussed his offer for tough enough, Trent Acid, deathmatch wrestling, his regrets & future in the business. After The Grim Reefer we were joined by a loyal wrestling fan, and friend of the show Jeremy. We discussed the difference in crowds from the 90s in comparison to today’s crowds. Early ECW memories, thoughts on different venues including the ECW arena. Abdullah the Butchers steak house, Onita coming to the states, and our thoughts on going to PWS. We also went over the early days of House of Hardcore & the cluster fuck that was Extreme Rising & more!

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