HE INJURED HIS VEMMA or JOEY HAD A STROKE(Wrestling Soup 10/24/13)

– The mayo of Barfston & The World Series Cup
– Chicago baseball teams.
– TNA Impact got more ratings than the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
– Chicago hockey blackout.
– Tom Brady is an old man.
– “I have this old comic book”..
– Lazerdic
– Shoutout to Dakota
– Monday’s bonus episode of The Don Tony & Kevin Castle Show on THE STITCHER
– Shawn Merriman training with WWE.
– CM Punk walks on water and recycles women.
– Shawn injured his vemma
– Tila Tequila and the Juggalos.
– Soccer is the cheapest sport.
– British ESPN sucks.
– Joey lost his panties.
– Mish is turning white. WITH PROOF.
– Joey had a stroke.
– qUesTIONS, pHOne CaLLS & moar.

– The Don Tony & Kevin Castle Show (wrestling-news.com/)
– Stern Nation (sternnationpodcast.com)
– The Sports Den Show (facebook.com/groups/418935784812916/)
– YAKUZA Kick Radio (blogtalkradio.com/Yakuza)
– Turnbuckles and Awfulness (www.buzzsprout.com/5763)

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