Interview with GCW owner Danny Demanto / THT Ready to Rumble

THT Podcast – Interview with GCW owner Danny Demanto

THT Podcast – THT Ready to Rumble

Separated into 2 files.

Shaheen interviews GCW owner Danny Demanto.

They discussed the following topics:

Connection between Wrestlers & Funko Pops

AEW’s future & impact on the indies

Thoughts on Amazing Red, and retiring against him

ICW’s future & past, and the difference between the companies past & present

Why is GCW successful?

His relationship with Kenny Omega & Kevin Matthews

Grim Reefer’s return to Wrestling

Situation with Chris Dickinson

Zandig’s current state, and future with GCW

The fallout of Cage Of Death

GCW vs. CZW, and thoughts on DJ Hyde

Wrestlemania weekend plans

The end of Howell, NJ & future venue of GCW

PCO’s time in GCW, and his future with GCW

Thoughts on booking Sabu for GCW, and working with him

How did you guys get Jun Kasai?

Thoughts on Rob Fury

Does USA Pro belong on the indy scene in 2019?

Thoughts on The Masked Maniac

Chris Jericho’s relationship with GCW

Future plans for Spring Break.

His thoughts on comedy wrestling

Thoughts on EC Negro, and more!

Shaheen and Boxman have arrived yet again to talk:

Lars Sullivans absence

Royal Rumble Predictions

NXT Takeover Predictions

Rey Mysterio vs. Almas 2/3 falls

AJ Styles vs. Daniel Bryan

Cena out of the Royal Rumble?

Velveteen dream refuses to work for NXT?

Taker in HOF this year?

Almas bashes the WWE?

Ziggler not happy with his position

Sasha Banks rumors.

WOW debuts on AXS

Maria & Bennett want to leave & go to AEW?

Jungle boy signs to AEW

Batista returning at Mania

Finn Balor gets a new push.

Ronda Rousey vs. Sasha Banks

Abyss & Sonjay Dutt leaving Impact for WWE


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