Jerry is my Emotional Support P3nis – Get In Da Corner podcast 260

Scott Greer, Not Queer, and Evan Hill was put in Da Corner for asking stupid questions, such as What Flavor of grape do you like? And How cool would it be to get a picture of Ranawda’s face tattooed on Dogger’s ass cheek instead of her name? And the worst question was when Evan asked If We Like Him… Ha Ha Ha Dumb Canadian FugTard. Yuk Nassty and Dogga Baby from The Get In Da Corner podcast wish you all a gay ole gobble day. Stay away from Smoke the Turkey unless you wanna be an accesorie to turkey trafficking. Stay clear of all the fatties at Walmart this #BlackFriday! Get Out The Way! We love your fucking faces!! Get Er Dumb with US LIVE every Wednesday night at 9 pm et / 6pm pt ON the Mixlr app AND YouTube – ORDER A FUGGIN SHIRT! Use the promo code PENIS for free shipping! DONATE Live TTS PODCAST
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