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Wrestling hipsters.

The boys respond to the recent angst from Thursday’s episode. Do you think there is a Japanese Dave Meltzer who loves everything WWE (12:25?) Do Japanese people look at WWE and say Roman Reigns is the best promo? Are their Japanese hipster fans aka Jipsters? “All In” coming to Chicago (25:00.) Can Cody and the Young Bucks actually sell 10,000 tickets? Could New Japan sell out the Barclay Center in New Your? People talking a big game but won’t take action on All In (32:17.) Will this show make money on the stream? Are smart marks the best at “stealing shit” as Joe likes to put it? Are you watching All In and if so how would you watch it? The new Joey Ryan picture is out there (35:31.) Is Joey Ryan’s gimmick a little insensitive to gay people? Stephanie McMahon changes the name of the Fabulous Moolah battle royal (46:12.) Is this gonna allow social justice warriors to change even more about the WWE? Has Wrestling Soup gone gold (Ravishing Dick Roode 68:34.) No idea what he said but he got the vacuum (Scott Steiner 71:40.) Jon Draper tries to get some Renee Young (Pierce 73:09.) Why is there a sick child in the WWE Hall of Fame (Kentucky Sliced 74:26.) How can WWE pretend that Roman Reigns is not his guy (Nassty Leroy 81:03.) Well the name sums up the call (Indecisive Bryce 84:50.)

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