Keyforge Deck Analysis Upfall of the Queen’s Bastion

Let take a look at one of the decks that was submitted to me for review. Upfall of the Queen’s Bastion is a keyforge deck featuring Untamed, Logos, and Dis and the three factions it supports. Keyforge is a unique deck-building game created by the creator of Magic the Gathering Richard Garfield. Dis Common 054 Arise! Common 055 Control the Weak Common 055 Control the Weak Common 058 Fear Uncommon 068 Pandemonium Uncommon 076 Library of the Damned Common 081 Charette Common 081 Charette Common 083 Dust Imp Rare 087 Overlord Greking Uncommon 098 Stealer of Souls Uncommon 100 Tentacus Logos Common 110 Foggify Common 114 Labwork Common 115 Library Access Common 117 Phase Shift Uncommon 123 Sloppy Labwork Uncommon 123 Sloppy Labwork Common 124 Twin Bolt Emission Rare 128 Crazy Killing Machine Common 140 Dr. Escotera Common 142 Ganymede Archivist Common 154 Titan Mechanic Rare 155 Vespilon Theorist Untamed Rare 320 Curiosity Uncommon 324 Grasping Vines Uncommon 326 Lifeweb Common 332 Regrowth Uncommon 337 Troop Call Common 351 Dust Pixie Common 351 Dust Pixie Common 361 Murmook Common 363 Niffle Ape Common 367 Hunting Witch Common 368 Witch of the Eye Uncommon 370 Way of the Wolf Help Support the WOOKIE ★★DONATIONS ALWAYS APPRECIATED ★★ Get 10 coins for every $1 you donate. Check the Patreon link below for a list of prizes and coin costs. ★★ BECOME A PATRON ★★ Become a Patreon of $5 or more and become a MOD in the chat ★★HELP SUPPORT THE CHANNEL AND WE WILL ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS DURING THE COMMERCIAL BREAK★★ ★★GET ONE MONTH FREE OF GAMEFLY★★ ★★GET YOUR FREE AUDIOBOOK★★ NEW!!!!! ★★ CLUTCH CHAIRS ★★ GET YOUR WOOKIE MERCH SUBSCRIBE TODAY! ►Spreaker || ► Stitcher ||… ► Spotify ||… ► My Channel ||… ► YouTube Gaming ||… Let THE WOOKIE win and FOLLOW ►Twitter || ►Facebook || ►Instagram ||

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