Lordy Lordy YUK NASSTY is 40 – Get In Da Corner podcast 243

heyyyy lover butts. you beautiful slut muffins, we love your fuggin faces, yes we doooooo!!! To all of my friends that I have met during the last 7 years of podcasting, to all of the supporters, listeners, WE THANK YOU for always giving us a reason to F around, have a couple beers, and act young. Since we have been kids, I have always wanted to do a radio show with Dogga Baby. As you will see in this episode, when we play the VHS tape of us from 1997, Doggs has always had this comedy gift. His charisma, his timing, Dogger was born a beast and the world needed to know it. Being able to podcast with him, made one of OUR dreams come true. And we had amazing people like you along for the ride. It feels good. Thank YOU! Penis FuccckkkkerrrrS! Schlurs For Ever, Yuk Nassty

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