Out of Luck and the Golden Age of Wrestling Podcast Over? The RCWR Show 8-28-2019

8/29/2019: Hosted by Lee Sanders. Key points from this week’s WWE RAW and SMACKDOWN as the KOTR tournament continued. Lee doubles down once and for all and gives his pick on his KOTR winner===AEW ALL Out updated card and picks for this weekend===Fans interested in STARRCAST III listen as Lee has a special prize giveaway! You better act fast!===Straight up Steve Austin review===Will Lee be watching Total Divas===Andrew Luck’s shocking retirement from the NFL and your reactions===Conrad Thompson upsets podcasters with choice words about the current status of wrestling podcasts as he reminds Conrad and everyone else why you’re supposed to be getting into podcasting in the first place===Love is in the air for Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch, Peyton Royce and Ty Dillenger, Finn Balor and his significant other===Giveaway alert as Lee’s giving away a copy of Jim Cornette’s BEHIND THE CURTAIN book===LOADS MORE!!! RUNNING TIME: 2 HOURS AND 41 MINUTES Catch John Krauser in September at The Second City theater for his ONE-MAN SHOW in Chicago! September 1st 2019 at The Blackout Cabaret | 2nd Floor 230 W North Ave. Chicago IL, 60614 For information check out https://www.secondcity.com/shows/chicago/johnny-friends/ COVERING THE LATEST IN WRESTLING, ENTERTAINMENT, POP CULTURE NEWS AND BEYOND SINCE 2011 IT’S THE RCWR SHOW! NEW! Join our DISCORD community and interact before, during, and post wrestling shows and events. Link: https://discord.gg/39qHaJe This episode was made possible by our kind Patreon members as without them this content and other great content would not be possible. Special shout out to Patreon members Catch John Krauser, Justin Rebok, Shawn Kenter, Freddy R, Michael Wolf, John Davis, Tony Bing Gaming, Anthony Missionary Thomas of Wrestling Soup, and Joe Raymond Jr. COVERING THE LATEST IN ENTERTAINMENT AND BEYOND SINCE 2011!!!
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