Roman Reigns & Batista Return

THT Podcast – Roman Reigns & Batista Return

THT Podcast returned this week with Adam from The Wrestling Bubble, and we discussed the following topics.

Alexa Bliss’ new character.
What will Bobby Lashley be doing at Wrestlemania?
Lio vs. Bobby Lashley soon?
The Shield Reunion.
Batista returns & turns heel.
Batista vs. Triple H
Ric Flair’s 70th B-Day
Beck “The Man” Lynch gets arrested
Ronda Rousey wants Becky Lynch @ Wrestlemania
NXT Call ups
The Hardy Boyz return as a tag team
Daniel Bryan vs. Kevin Owens?
Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi @ Wrestlemania?
R-Truth is the next Cena?
Matt Riddle rumors
Honky Tong Man in the HOF
DX in The HOF
Undertaker’s current relationship with WWE
Conrad & Starrcast
Lufisto retires.
Cody Rhodes going to AAA
Roman Reigns returns.
MLW & IMPACT Wrestling joining forces?
Vince wants Kofi as champion?

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