Rory Gulak / CM Punk Wants Kevin Owen’s Body.

THT Wrestling – Rory Gulak / CM Punk Wants Kevin Owen’s Body.

This week we had a special guest whom was none other than Rory Gulak from CZW/Chikara fame! We discussed the following:

  • What got you into CZW explain your relationship with Sick Nick Mondo?
  • What’s your opinion on the CZW product?
  • What was it about deathmatch wrestling that drew you in?
  • Is it weird to perform infant of a lot people that you used to sit on the other side of the guard rail with?
  • Do you miss the rush you’d get from doing deathmatches?
  • Any particular reason in behind the face paint at COD??
  • Thoughts on handshakes in wrestling?
  • Thoughts on guys smashing tubes over their heads?
  • How is your brother adjusting to the WWE style? Joker’s knee condition update & tons more!

We also went over various topics including: We had an interesting round table discussion about who was the worst & who was the best wrestler from the years 1990-2000! We talked about the Davey Boy Smith interview discussing the Benoit murders, and his odd choice of words. We went over the Jim Cornette & Jim Russo beef & directed the situation! & Plenty, plenty more!

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