Ryan Dalton, Get Yo A$s In Da Corner!! – Get In Da Corner podcast 255

Say it ain’t soooo. Ryan Dalton got cornerized and will for ever be known as one of THOSE guys… Doggs and Yuk apologize if this podcast ends up ruining your career, brother. :)) Ryan is an L.A. based Stand Up comic that has toured the world, and even Wisconsin. Unfortunately, he met Yuk Nassty and for some odd reason, Yuk grew on him like the softball sized blisters Ryan gets when he goes to the beach. All jokes aside, Ryan Dalton is one hilarious and humble comic. I mean, He did admit to us about his penis deformation. Check out Ryan Dalton THURSDAYS at the historic Hollywood Improv where he produces the show Comedians You Should Know L.A. Both of his comedy specials are on every streaming platform, search for “You Were Funny Too,” and “I’m Married, Let Me Tell You About It” Ryan’s social stuff http://TheRyanDalton.com http://twitter.com/RyanDalton http://instagram.com/TheRyanDalton Big Big Kisses to Sir Derk Alot! Get Er Dumb with US LIVE every Wednesday night at 9 pm et / 6pm pt ON the Mixlr app AND YouTube http://youtube.com/getindacorner/live – http://mixlr.com/get-in-da-corner ORDER A FUGGIN SHIRT! http://DaCornerShop.com Use the promo code PENIS for free shipping! DONATE Live TTS http://streamlabs.com/getindacorner http://paypal.me/getindacorner PODCAST  
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