SOUND OFF 456 addresses Joey Styles being released by WWE and what may have led to it, thoughts on Dean Ambrose on the Stone Cold Podcast and why Austin was wrong to put Ambrose on blast at the end of the show, Triple H talks to ESPN about 50/50 booking without actually saying much at all, WWE bringing LGBT characters to its shows soon, pitching two ideas for a finish to the Universal title match at Summerslam, why Dana Brooke needs to be demoted back to NXT, WWE is forced to fix a funny Nia Jax shirt for men, a SOUND OFF EXCLUSIVE regarding Shawn Michaels and the Performance Center, NXT TAKEOVER BROOKLYN PREDICTIONS, Cedric Alexander and Kota Ibushi have what may be WWE’s MOTY, Billy Corgan replaces Dixie Carter as TNA President, thoughts on Damien Sandow and his Impact debut, Honky Tonk Man on Lucha Underground, big news on WCPW’s event in October, the different mayors of Suplex City, doing Hogan vs. Warrior at Summerslam 1991, injuries that may have been the best thing for a wrestler’s career, BUY OR SELL on the better heel between Rock and Triple H, and BIG NEWS on next week’s podcast and our meetup in Brooklyn!

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