SOUND OFF 610 has more on AEW debuting on TNT starting October 2nd and what that first live show needs to achieve (8:19)… CM Punk talks to ESPN and doesn’t sound impressed with the way AEW has approached him (16:06)… thoughts on the WWE Smackville special, Finn Balor’s illness and the pros and cons of the new WWE Network upgrade (27:14)… a rant on Jimmy Uso’s latest DUI arrest and WWE’s lazy response (43:09)… the latest on the G1 Climax, including a wild prediction on who will hand Jon Moxley his first loss (54:55)… RAW REUNION does big numbers, but those big numbers keep getting smaller by the year (1:02:39)… Sean Waltman and Scott Hall think DX kind of buried AJ Styles, Gallows and Anderson on Raw (1:15:50)… “Stone Cold” Steve Austin outshines everyone else on Raw in a tremendous finale (1:24:00)… why we may be getting Goldberg against Dolph Ziggler at Summerslam (1:33:25)… defending the decision to do Charlotte vs. Trish Stratus at Summerslam (1:42:49)… Bruce Prichard defends the Vince McMahon “Dr. Heiney” skit as done out of “love and respect” for JR (2:06:17)… how to find some of the oldest wrestling message board posts dating back to the early 1990’s (2:14:00)… why did Steve Austin pull out of his match with The Coach at Taboo Tuesday 2005 (2:24:15)… and #3 in our countdown of the TOP 10 GREATEST SUMMERSLAM MATCHES IN HISTORY!

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