A shout out from THE CRYPTKEEPER opens SOUND OFF 620 with tons of news and thoughts on Jeff Hardy’s latest arrest for DWI (9:00)… HELL IN A CELL PREDICTIONS for a show with four matches announced (16:53)… Week One of the WEDNESDAY NIGHT WAR goes to AEW ratings-wise, but NXT wins the week wrestling-wise, plus WWE congratulates AEW on its win, but fires a warning shot (26:28)… high praise for AEW from Randy Orton TWITCH GAMER? (52:34)… the debut of FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN ON FOX, the return of The Rock, Braun Strowman goes after Tyson Fury, Brock Lesnar wins the WWE championship, CAIN VELASQUEZ ARRIVES and the hard truth about Kofi Kingston’s title run and whether he will have another one ever again (54:38)… an incredible NXT title match between Matt Riddle and Adam Cole, why Riddle may be drafted to Raw or Smackdown, and the returns of Finn Balor and Tomasso Ciampa (1:34:33)… the RSPW Rewind takes us back to the debut of WWF LiveWire in 1996 (1:44:47) and more.

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