SOUND OFF 634 is the annual PREDICTIONS SHOW looking back at what I got right and wrong in 2019 and looking ahead to 2020… the sad death of La Parka II after a move gone wrong in October… my one regret from ranking my top five wrestlers of the decade… CM Punk and Tessa Blanchard share Sad Tweet honors this week, with Punk overreacting to a comment made by The Miz and Tessa calling on all women to support one another, which they did, but not in the way she had hoped… why Brock Lesnar entering the Royal Rumble is a good thing and opens up a ton of possibilities… Big Show returns to Raw after five hip surgeries in 18 months… Kenny Omega comments on being phased down in AEW… Kushida gets an OLD FRIEND as a tag team partner in the NXT Dusty Classic… why NWA Power is the perfect home for the returning Scott Steiner… and the one important thing Okada learned from the time he spent years ago in TNA!

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