SOUND OFF 638 opens with thoughts on a POSITIVE DEBUT for the new XFL with high praise for one new innovation… a review (with spoiler warning) for this morning’s New Japan’s NEW BEGINNING IN OSAKA with Naito defending both belts and Jon Moxley meeting Minoru Suzuki, did it live up to the hype? Plus a word on Suzuki’s match with Orange Cassidy at Joey Janela’s Spring Break… WWE’s fourth quarter earnings revealed with BIG news on changes coming to the WWE Network with PPVs likely moving to another streaming platform soon, and the new RUTHLESS AGGRESSION series premiering next weekend… something AMAZING has been happening on Monday Night Raw and you may not have even noticed… Buddy Murphy gets a name change and a lot of ridiculous outrage follows… GOLDBERG to challenge The Fiend for some of that SWEET SAUDI MONEY and why there’s only way the match should go… BARON CORBIN CHALLENGES ROMAN REIGNS TO ANOTHER MATCH, LOL… Killer Kross signs with WWE, but which brand should he start out on?… and someone drafted a MARCH MADNESS-TYPE BRACKET to include 32 of the most BIZARRE New York Mets stories and Solomonster chooses his #1 winner. This is a segment even non-baseball fans won’t want to miss. You’ll hardly believe any of these were real!

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