SOUND OFF 643 is one that I never thought I would have to record, covering a global pandemic, but here we are and it’s causing mass disruption across the wrestling industry. Vince McMahon has thus far resisted calls to cancel or postpone WrestleMania 36, but it sounds like the city of Tampa will make the decision for him this week if he doesn’t do it first.  This episode covers what options WWE has regarding Mania… thoughts on the first ever empty arena edition of Smackdown and why Triple H was the highlight… how the virus is affecting AEW, Impact, Ring of Honor, New Japan, UFC and more… why The Undertaker needs to show up on Raw tomorrow night as Mark Calaway… the latest on Rob Gronkowski signing with WWE… one VERY upset Mick Foley fan sounds off after his loss to Triple H at No Way Out in this week’s RSPW Rewind… and had WCW won the Monday Night War, if you were a WWE fan, would you have switched over or given up on wrestling?  Get 20 PERCENT OFF and FREE SHIPPING with the code SOLOMONSTER at checkout on Manscaped! ▶

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