SOUND OFF 652 has awful new details on Alberto Del Rio’s arrest and what he is accused of doing… Mark Henry now threatening to SUE Lio Rush and what the issues are between them… Becky Lynch FORFEITS the Raw Women’s title and announces her pregnancy, why it’s a big loss for WWE but a huge opportunity for the other ladies, the hard truth about Becky’s title run, three of her best matches to watch and thoughts on Jim Cornette’s absurd comments… the WILDCARD RULE RETURNS as the “Brand-to-Brand Invitation” and what the rules are… the hilariously awful ending to the Edge and Randy Orton segment on Raw… Sami Zayn STRIPPED of the Intercontinental title, why it was the right decision and why him possibly having “heat” is disgraceful… DREW GULAK GONE FROM WWE and why it happened… CM Punk finally gets his WWE ice cream bar and isn’t a fan… speculation on STING COMING TO AEW?… NXT bringing back IN YOUR HOUSE and revealing what happened to the original house WWE gave away in 1995… and DARK SIDE OF THE RING covers the rise and fall of The Road Warriors! Visit to order NITRO: The Incredible Rise and Inevitable Collapse of Ted Turner’s WCW for FREE when you sign up for a 30-day trial!

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