SOUND OFF 654 has news on The Undertaker, in his own words, revealing the source of his heat with Hulk Hogan from their Survivor Series match in 1991… thoughts on WWE using NXT wrestlers in the audience and why the plexiglass may be here to stay… WWE bans the bucklebomb and I say good riddance to it… where this Rey Mysterio retirement ceremony on Raw this week with Seth Rollins may be heading… PRAISE for Smackdown this week and thoughts on the angle with Jeff Hardy… MATT RIDDLE is coming to Smackdown and why his Fight Pit match was the best thing on either Dynamite or NXT this past week… the one BIG issue I had coming out of the Chris Jericho/Mike Tyson brawl on Dynamite and something I actually agree with Vince Russo on… and RSPW REWIND RETURNS with a look back at multiple sightings of Chris Benoit and Woman together off screen back in 1998, right on through posts after the tragedy and what fans were saying at the time.

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