After a wave of abuse allegations against various personalities, SOUND OFF 657 minces no words about this epidemic of disturbing behavior why its time to get all the riff-raff out of the wrestling business. Solomonster explains what sparked this movement and details of some of the allegations, as well as the fallout so far including news of releases, suspensions and resignations stretching from the US to the UK… plus, another positive COVID case at the Performance Center and WWE’s testing embarrassment and alleged stance on masks… Undertaker finally addresses the possibility of a match with Sting… Mike Chioda speaks about why he was blindsided by his WWE release and the night Joey Marella was killed… why this may be the end of the Nassau Coliseum and memories from the venue… praise for the Raw angle with Christian and Randy Orton, as well as Matt Riddle’s Smackdown debut… and is Cody going heel and forming a new Horsemen group in AEW?Visit for ONE FREE AUDIO BOOK when you sign up for a 30-day trial! Tons of wrestling books to choose from!

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