SOUND OFF 662 covers the death of Regis Philbin and some memorable WWE appearances on his show over the years… Eric Young shoots on WWE’s “broken system”, while Vince McMahon suddenly acknowledges the need to create new stars and the very big problem WWE has in relying too much on its stars of the past… AJ Styles addresses the FLAT EARTH rumors, calls Randy Orton a turd and says he’s heard interesting things… rumors of a NEW NATION OF DOMINATION on Monday Night Raw and why it is completely unnecessary… Mustafa Ali makes his return to TV for the first time this year and outdraws every other Raw video on WWE’s YouTube channel… a VERY BIG PROBLEM on top of the Raw card coming out of Summerslam, regardless of who the WWE champion is… Booker T’s reaction to the #NaomiDeservesBetter hashtag and why your merit alone does NOT always get you opportunities… praise for Gran Metalik’s big night on Smackdown and the BAR FIGHT with Sheamus and Jeff Hardy… BIG E GETTING THE BIG PUSH… AEW numbers blow NXT out of the water this week, Sammy Guevara returns from suspension, WARHORSE is coming for Cody and more… and Adam Cole SNAPS on Pat McAfee’s show, was it a work or a shoot?Visit for ONE FREE AUDIO BOOK when you sign up for a 30-day trial!  Tons of wrestling books to choose from!

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