Solomonster says last night’s AEW Full Gear PPV was among the best shows of 2020 and explains why… New Japan shakes things up heading into Wrestle Kingdom and Naito threatens to boycott the show if they don’t give him the match he wants… WWE billing Survivor Series as THE FINAL FAREWELL for The Undertaker, but is it really?… why seeing Tucker on Monday Night Raw was so sad, yet very predictable… Mercedes Martinez wanted OUT of Retribution… Kevin Dunn, what the hell was THAT?… BUY OR SELL on the legacy of the AEW title or NXT UK title?… and THIS WEEK IN HISTORY talks about Macho Man Randy Savage’s final WWE appearance and Vince McMahon’s on-air tribute to him, the Stone Cold/Brian Pillman gun incident on Raw, Daniel Puder nearly breaks Kurt Angle’s arm on Smackdown and Shawn Michaels comes out of retirement for a disastrous sweet Saudi main event! 

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