Sound Off Interview – The Legendary BILL APTER!

Solomonster ( is joined by legendary writer, photographer and author BILL APTER ( to talk about his book “IS WRESTLING FIXED? I DIDN’T KNOW IT WAS BROKEN” and lots of subjects, including his thoughts on the recent Mid-Atlantic Legends Fanfest and how Nikita Koloff looks in 2016, the origin of the “APTER MAGS” phrase, getting involved with Pro Wrestling Illustrated, WWE banning wrestling magazines from working their shows, what it was like to be ringside the night Bruno Sammartino lost the WWWF title to Ivan Koloff, how he got things in motion for the famous Jerry Lawler/Andy Kaufman feud, a funny story about Taz as a young supermarket stalker, how Haku introduced him to karaoke for the first time in Japan, how Vince McMahon Sr. compares to his son, collecting memorabilia for a physical WWE Hall of Fame, hosting his first live WWE event this December with Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat, and more.

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