THE MAD DOCTOR or THE FRANK N GUS SHOW (Wrestling Soup 5/31/18)

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Joey Numbas

Jon Draper

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We start out with Enzo social media response and his “hip hop” song he has released. I for one think this song honestly gave Joe E Numbas a seizure. The boys then break down the situation and the song. The cancellation of Roseanne, the sit down that she had, and her mental capacity after her comparison of an African American women to an ape(15:10.) Drake and Pusha T beef and ghost writing in the music industry (31:17.) Philomena also known as MissGucciWitch response to Enzo’s new Rap music video (35:20.) Joe and Mish’ original birth names (43:25.) Do you prefer Gus and Frank to Joe and Mish? CM Punk and Colt Cabana vs Dr. Aman case that is currently in Day 3 (49:22.) Aman is suing Punk and Cabana for defamation following Punk bringing his story to Cabana’s Art of Wrestling Podcast. The boys start taking your calls about the trial. Doesn’t think this is going to change podcasting and Punk and Cabana will end up winning this case. Phil also wanted to know if this was a jury based case (Phil from ESPN 91:21.) Aman violating HIPPA Law would not fly (Kevin 96:15.) Report on line according to CM Punk saying this was WWE to spend more money. This case creates a president in all other cases (Johnny Florida 102:16.) If Aman just took his lumps and would have moved on he wouldn’t more than likely going to lose his license (Jacob 109:34.) DJ Bogart the Block Hody Rhodes the diss (115:15.) More on Cody Rhodes and all in and the twitter dispute that is happening (119:37.) Wrestling Soup streaming on twitch and advancing there game (157:13.) Joey taking a trip down to Philly for Game Changer Wrestling (162:02.) Patreon shout out (163:03.)

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