Wrestling Overdose (Ep. 5)

Kamala gets jumped over politics, and pulls out a gun…work or real? Chris Jericho punched Enzo, and he did nothing about it? Hogan wants to hijack WWE. Is AEW pulling indy talent off cards? PAC back to AEW soon. Tully Blanchard joins Shawn Spears. CM Punk @ Starrcast Ambrose in G1/ Ambrose vs. Ishii MLW News Corey Graves comments on profanity, and the overall new direction of WWE. Dean Malenko @ CZW Dojo. CZW vs. WXW Joey Janela argues with Bill Dundee Breakdown of GCW presents WOMBAT Wrestling (Janela vs. Dundee breakdown) Colt Cobana quits podcasting. GCW announces NGI 4. Ian Rotten tries a new method of promoting. CM Punk gets announced for Starrcast, so let the rumors start! AEW is to debut October 2nd on TNT Tony Schavoni gets in trouble for doing “favors” for AEW while being under contract with MLW. Scott Hall was told to stay away from the Steve Austin segment. RAW Reunion recap / Smackdown Recap including: Randy Orton & Kofi Kingston regain my interest (never thought i’d say it) HBK vs. Ziggler at Summerslam? Finn Balor & Bray Wyatt feud. The rumors of Balor joining “The Old Club” RVD’s return to WWE. Charlotte vs. Trish at Summerslam. Bayley’s feud with Charlotte, and Ember Moon. Shane McMahon ruining Smackdown for me / Owens vs. Shane. Patreon shout outs, and a bunch of listener questions! Enjoy.

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