Wrestling Overdose (Ep. 7) – Feat. Jim Vicious

Jim Vicious of Suplex City Limits joins me for this week’s Wrestling OD.
King Cuerno signs with WWE.
Cody Rhodes is proud of blood & guts. MJF shits on everyone. Joey Ryan discussion.
Darren Young is looking for work. Matt Riddle vs. WCW
Amazing Red returns for NJPW debut.
PAC gets a hole in his leg.
Ellsworth ends up with a beer with bong…guess where?
Roman Reigns angle…who could it be?
AEW sells out their debut on TNT / coming to Philadelphia.
Simon Gotch vs. Meltzer
The Rock retires, and puts over Drew Mcintyre.
Rollins sends more dick pics, and cuts the worst promo ever. Hulk Hogan claims to be the original Triple H?
Lance Storm gets serious with Jordyn Grace, and more!
Plus a ton of listener questions! Got a question you’d like answered? Comment below!

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