WWE Bans Twitch Use, AEW All Out Chat – The Alleged Wrestling Podcast 160

WWE made a baffling decision to ban it’s talent from using “Third Parties” like Twitch and Cameo. The ongoing issue with WWE commentary was highlighted in a huge way with the Bayley turn on Sasha Banks the same week Mauro Ranallo left WWE. The NXT Iron Man Match going to a draw. Fantasy booking AEW storylines coming out of All Out. We picked our winner in this week’s Wednesday Night Scuffles between NXT and AEW Dynamite before getting into Raw & Smackdown thoughts and our AEW All Out Predictions. We close the show as we always do by picking our Best/Worst Match and Best/Worst Segment of the week. “Perséphone – Retro Funky (SUNDANCE remix)” is used with permission from Left Hand Music. The song can be found here – https://soundcloud.com/sundancemusic/pers-phone-retro-funky Follow them on Twitter @sundanceMusic or on YouTube here – https://bit.ly/2JD2e8x

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