WWE Thunderdome, Summerslam 2020 Predictions – The Alleged Wrestling Podcast 158

We broke our show up into essentially two parts this week, here’s the News and WWE TV show part. We get to all of this week’s news such as Renee Young leaving WWE, the Sonya Deville incident, AEW bringing back small amounts of fans and all of this week’s stuff and things. We get down to Raw and Smackdown, featuring thoughts on WWE Thunderdome, before making our Summerslam 2020 predictions! “Perséphone – Retro Funky (SUNDANCE remix)” is used with permission from Left Hand Music. The song can be found here – https://soundcloud.com/sundancemusic/pers-phone-retro-funky Follow them on Twitter @sundanceMusic or on YouTube here – https://bit.ly/2JD2e8x

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